Sunday, December 01, 2013

Silk Purse?

Unfair-- of all the 20th century military bolt action rifles I like the SMLE best, and there is nothing wrong with the .303 British round either-- like the 7 mm Mauser and the 6.5 Mannlicher Schoenauer, it punches above its weight,  and has taken virtually every big game animal on the planet. But nobody ever called it beautiful.

The great English gunmakers actually did make beautiful rifles on the action. Now Gerry Cox has built one that makes me envious.

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danontherock said...

Every Newfoundland family used to have a Lee Enfield. Many still do. I still have one but not as nice as that one. I killed my first moose and caribou with one. As you said there is nothing wrong with the .303 British.