Sunday, January 26, 2014


How does this relate to Seven Years in Tibet? Or Magdalena?
One flew east, and one flew west...


Guy Boyd said...

Well, the next line in the rhyme is "One flew over the cukoo's nest". This is also the title of Ken Kesey's classic novel that used a psych ward as a microcosm of our cultureal ills. Kesey was a acid-head, a Dead Head ( the Warlocks then), and a counter-culture icon who advocated hallucinogenic trascendence from conformity. This leads to many fascinating places, and maybe Magdalena, but I don't know how.

Steve Bodio said...

The nursery rhyme quote is older than Kesey, as is the coming tale, though they are all about flight. Maybe it should say: "One flew east, and one flew NORTH", even if it doesn't rhyme.

(And both roads lead to fascinating places, but the Magdalena connection is later and a bit random).