Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gun Quote with Examples

A bunch of 37's and a 17
"If an ancient Athenian had to choose between an M12 and an M17-37, he would no doubt have chosen the sexier looking of the two, the Winchester.  On the other hand, an ancient Spartan would have grabbed the Remington or Ithaca and shot the Athenian while he oogled the M12.  Then the Spartan would have walked off with both guns."
(Gil Stacy, who is the MAN on the M37).

Hemingway with Model 12

Gil's gun with snipe


Moro Rogers said...

...which is why the Spartans are still with us today! =p

Gil said...

Steve, Thanks, but I beg to differ. I am a mere enthusiast in comparison to Walt Snyder. Walter C. Snyder is the MAN on all things Ithaca. His book, Ithaca Featherlight Repeaters…A complete history of the Ithaca M37 and M87 is the Bible of the M37. My guns would be considered Walt’s “beaters”. The M-37 and its predecessor, the Remington M17, are two of John Moses Browning’s most endearing and enduring designs. The design has been in continuous production for almost 100 years for good reason: just as is his 1911, there isn’t anything better made. For someone wanting an affordable, classic all-American design in a repeating shotgun, executed in milled and machined hand-fitted parts, look no further than an M-37. Gil
PS or an M-17 which harder to find than the M-37.