Friday, February 07, 2014


I have specific tastes, and in shotguns they run to side by side English prewar (pre- Great War!) doubles, and certain classic American pumps. Generally I think current Italian guns are beautifully made, striking guns, but often overdone, if not as baroque as the products of contemporary Austrian houses. They do make a lot of practical over and unders, but I don't  love that configuration.

So it was with no huge expectations that I opened a mail from Luciano Bosis about a new gun he had completed, and was thunderstruck. No. 623 is my favorite new gun in a decade or more, with over- the -top wood combined with lean, minimalist lines, and classic fine scroll engraving. The dimensions (below) are such that it would be a pleasure to shoot for most right- handed shotgunners.

This is a gun well beyond my pay grade, but, on the off chance any of my readers wants it, I asked Mr Bosis for its specs. If you are a serious contender, leave  a contact in comments and I will give you his email; or just Google up his site, and tell him I sent you.

Some specs (I can provide more):
"Queen" Model Round body 28 bore by Luciano Bosis (NEW gun)
Barrel length 29"
Choked 7 tenths and 9 tenths, equal to Imp Mod and Full. (Chokes can be adjusted).
Solid concave rib
LOP 15"

You will have to ask Mr Bosis for the price. "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" may well apply.

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David Zincavage said...

I think the stock stain should be a bit darker, but the wood is rather fascinating. I assume it is Turkish walnut. What does the gun weigh? You do have to tell us what something like this costs. We already know that we can't afford it.