Friday, February 07, 2014

One more quote

M. John Fayhee:

"We all eventually reach an age when we realize, to steal a line from “V for Vendetta,” that almost every change you have seen in your life is for the worse."


Anonymous said...

ugh! harsh words from fayhee. me thinks his glass is less than half full. maybe a drop or two only in that glass???

Moro Rogers said...

V for Vendetta, hmm? Maybe we can reverse the trend if we blow some things up.=p

Anonymous said...

MY favorite "V For Vendetta" quote is when V survives an absolute hail of bullets from the guvmint folk, and the one fellow shrieks "WHY WON'T YOU DIE???!!!" and V calmly replies "Because I am an IDEA, and IDEAS are bulletproof!" And though not shown in the movie, I'll BET V practiced falconry in his spare time, between bombings......L.B.