Saturday, March 22, 2014


Bruce Kurland may be our best still life painter. After studying many masters, he came 'home' to do something so old it is original again...

See a little (Francis) Bacon in the last? Winslow Homer in the first?

Bruce has a new book: Bruce Kurland: Illusion and the Little World. Check it out on Amazon.


Old Gunkie said...

Love the top two paintings, Bufflehead and Perch, but I can't say I can find the appeal for the last of the three. Looked Kurland up after reading your post and I see that he recently died, December 2013.

Steve Bodio said...

Thanks, Jim. Sad news.

I had seen a little of his work, but Tom Quinn just told me about the book, praising not just the art but the writing. Well worth getting and apparently a limited run so a bargain at around 40$ at Amazon.