Sunday, March 16, 2014

Social Life # 2: St Pat's at the Spur

For old followers, the usual suspects: bar manager Montana Pettis with his band, beard dyed green, and this year a KILT to augment his Irish patter; Cody Henderson, son of Lee whose ranch I hunt, always with the winning one-step- beyond outfit, also with a kilt (observe socks); hard working though not long- suffering bar staff Cat, Eric, Nate; and more, and worse. Former staffer Luke, the giant leprechaun, came back with a crew from Phoenix, where they are attending Harley Davidson school. Good times-- for some of the younger, Glory Days I think... remember Springsteen?

I had the odd idea of coming as a real Irish barfly. But my subdued look, resembling every coughing old sot with a bar bill and a line of credit with his bookmaker that I ever bought a pigeon from or who cadged a beer from me in my youth, drinking Guinness all day in a pub smelling of years of old cigarettes and spilled beer, was a little drab against the kid's surrealism.

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Anonymous said...

You look luck such an Irishman not Italian at all!
Where's you're shillelaghs!