Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Toy

Supposedly Archaeopteryx-- but except for the lack of the inner "killer claw" more of a typical feathered Theropod like Deinonychus.

Also see A Field Guide to Mesozoic Birds.


Anonymous said...

Greg Paul claimed in the '80s that the inner toe in Archaeopteryx articulated like it does in dromaeosaurs; presumably as a climbing aid. I don't know if this claim is widely accepted.

The model is OK, but the wing remiges should attach to the second finger, so you won't get that weird naked finger sticking out of a wing look. Also, why is the face bare?


Steve Bodio said...

Right on all above, Arthur. Bare faces seem a new convention.

Still, nice to see a Dino that looks like one, ie "birdy". When you have been singing the dino birds for decades, the big lizards of JP get annoying...

Anonymous said...

Still and all, WHAT a splendid "toy"! I'd uv KILT to have had such as a kid! Even if it wasn't completely accurate! As it is, virtually every niche in my present("adult") home is chock full of just such plastic animal fetishes/totems! Speaking of claws on wing digits, Angelina Jolie, in the new MAGNIFICENT retelling of the old "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale--"Maleficent"--has just such claw digits on HER splendid wings!! TWO CLAWED THUMBS UP from me on THAT film, too--everything a splendid fantasy film could be, AND, the raven, a main character throughout, is portrayed as a GOOD GUY for a change! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone going to town where there's an indoor-sit-down thee-ate-her......L.B.