Tuesday, August 19, 2014


"A great many rifles and shooting books have passed through my life since the day I purchased that first 7 X 57 40 years ago this month, and the lessons learned have been many. One was to hold onto rifles and books that continually prove not just practical but delightful, and get rid of those that don't, because both make life so much more enjoyable."

John Barsness,  Rifle Loony News (Vol. 6, issue 2)


Dennis said...

I own four rifles chambered in 7x57: A 1906 Remington Rolling Block, a Model 70 Featherweight, a Mannlicher-Schoenauer, and the custom rifle I brought to your home the day I bought it February of 2013. This cartridge works great on Texas whitetails and “Karamajo” Bell killed a shameful number of elephants with the same round after it started to be marketed in England as the .275 Rigby. That’s what I call an all around caliber.

Steve Bodio said...

John went through four before he found the right one. I keep my eyes open.

(That is one thing I always look for at Ron's!)

Malcolm Brooks has an outstanding BRNO, and Jonathan Hanson a Rigby, but I would love a Mannlicher Schoenauer, rifle not a carbine- I have that in 6.5, which Bell also used.