Monday, June 22, 2015

Links II: Three videos

What would you do if a a wolverine dug you out of a snowbank? A rescue wolverine?

The only person I know who survived an avalanche (I know a few who were killed) was my late father- in- law, Libby's dad Ken Adam. I would have loved to ask him that question...

Who says sea eagles are slow? Lazy maybe, never slow. Alaska falconers must watch out  when flying their  Gyrs on the coast, where Bald eagles dominate the air. Watch this one's effortless gain on the poor Osprey.

This is the best video of the Lyrebird EVER; best birdsong, funniest bird video in years, name it. I have been reading an excellent and important book from Australia by Tim Low, on Australia as a point of origin for many of the world's bird families, and went looking for David Attenborough's video of the bird. It is good, but this is epic. Turn up that sound!


Darrell said...

I had the telescope out in the driveway last Friday night, enjoying the moon, Jupiter and Venus making a pretty trio after sunset. Dusk was deepening, the birds were singing in the trees. I heard one that sounded for all the world like a cell phone ringtone.

Anonymous said...

Heck YEAH I'd LOVE for a wolverine to interact with any way I could! They are just giant ferrets, after all! Instead of ferreting for rabbits, Cat U. should get her a few(and some good hunting stock Airedales for "terriers"), and go "wolverining" for those coyotes she adores so! Ha!....L.B.