Sunday, June 21, 2015

Painted Gunstocks

If you are like me the mere idea of a painted gun would likely make you wince, or at best grin condescendingly. The idea of decorating stocks sounds kitschy, something crude and maybe embarrassing, at best folk art.

You would be wrong-- I was. My first clue was when Gil Tracy, a man of taste and sophistication, sent me to this site.

He had sent one of his highly modified single .410 turkey guns--now that's a whole concept too, one to which I should devote a post or column- to Mark for adornment:

There actually might be something new under the sun in the old world of decorated weapons.  Now I too I have something on the way to Mark, and projects in motion...


Moro Rogers said...

It's certainly classier than those Greek marbles.

Phil Yearout said...

Mark has done some beautiful images on gun stocks; another of his talents is to hide stock repairs so as to make them virtually invisible. He can blend a stock extension into the original wood so well that you'll never know it's there; much cheaper than a restock!