Tuesday, February 14, 2006


That's what NM falconer and longdog man calls attendees at a feast where all the dishes are meat. This atricle from the Christian Scence Monitor suggests that most Argentinians deserve the label.

"Half an hour later, he lays on the small intestine (chinchulin), and later the sweet breads (molleja), maybe a kidney. These are the achuras, or organ meats. They include the large intestine (tripa gorda) and the udder of the cow (ubre), neither of which our family favors.

"Two kinds of sausage go on: chorizos and morcillas, black blood sausage.The costilleta are on the grill almost from the start, and possibly another cut, such as the sobreasado (which runs along the top of the cow's ribs).

"The meat is never marinated, never sauced, and only occasionally given a dash of mild seasoning during cooking.

"The food comes off the grill and is eaten in ritual order: chorizos, morcillas, achuras (a little for each person; too much is cloying). The asador cuts and distributes it himself, first one, then the other, to all the seated guests.

"The costilletas - the heart of the asado - are usually the last received. After the first bite, many people applaud."

I would ask why more Americans don't eat organ meats, but in a day when an Esquire food editor says that kidneys are "inedible" and that gizzards are (sorry, but he said it) "chicken assholes", I think I know why....


Anonymous said...

Hah! His loss! Give me a nice plate of grilled kidneys, any day.


prairie mary said...

I'd say this food editor didn't know his gizzard from his asshole. I would worry about him sitting down at my table.

Prairie Mary