Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not Much Time

Stop the California coursing ban!


Matt Mullenix said...

We need a Jimmy Stewart to stand up in that hearing room, a hush to fall over the angry crowd as this quiet, well-respected family man gently puts everyone to shame: "Oh, people... Don't you see? Don't you see where this is taking us? They're not talking about banning something bad; they're talking about banning something they don't like. And there's a difference, yes sir! You know there is."

"Charles. Look at you. Where did you get that angry PETA T-shirt? I happen to know Ellen wouldn't let you wear such a mean-spirited thing around the house. And Betty? What do you really care about hunting rabbits? Aren't you busy with the Spring School Fundraiser about now? C'mon! We need you out there with those delicious tarts you make!"

"Good people of California, how would you feel if I got up a posse and came to ban some other thing important to YOU? We all drove cars here tonight, right? Well, sure we did. And cars kill hundreds of innocent people every year in our great state, lots of children, too! Not to mention lots of rabbits; you bet they do. Shouldn't we be banning automobiles here?"

"Gosh I don't know what's become of us. America is the place where a person's freedoms come first. Isn't it? Didn't I and a lot of other freedom-loving people go to war to defend that? Aren't we even today fighting those who'll ban your right to own a pigeon as soon as look at you? Lucile, now, how are you dear? How'd you like to trade that pretty Sunday hat in for a black veil?"

Anonymous said...

Click :-)

C. Lewis said...

I woke to a story in the San Jose Mercury about California has one of the lowest levels of educational spending in the nation and as a result California sends a lower percentage of its seniors to in state 4 year universities.

No wonder...our legislators are squandering their education money, squandering our law enforcement resources, negatively affecting some of the most depressed economies in California with this frivolous, media pandering legislation like AB 2110; Loni Hancock's attempt to make law-abiding citizens into criminals.

We have kids who are coursing with adults, families participating in these gender-equal events while bonding with their athletic dogs; hardly the environment of animal cruelty. They breath fresh air and walk for miles like the rest of us and are better for the effort.

These kids are well-rounded, high achieving, athletes themselves who come back with a healthy respect for nature, an appreciation for athleticism, skill and cunning, in prey and predator and a respect for history - over 3000 years of man and hunting hounds.

Our legislators are going to have alot to answer for.