Sunday, April 02, 2006


I picked up my falcon Tuuli yesterday from my friend Bodie, who had taken fifteen hares with him and his lurchers, including one of our pups, in a season that started in late January when I realized that I would not be able to fly him at all this year.

We met in Albuquerque at a gathering of lurchermen and, well, bloggers-- Peculiar; Mrs. Peculiar; Bodie, Nate (who also has one of our pups), and Terence Wright ditto. Terence was kind enough to give me a photo of our grand- dog "Gobi"-- the black female on the left-- with him and his older classic lurcher "Percy" on the left. I am delighted to report that the pups in this tazi- lurcher litter are prodigies. Gobi has taken several hares single- hand and, once, two in a day with the hawks assistance


Anonymous said...

Could you give some more info on the lurchers in the picture? Specifically what are the crosses of each and how big are they. Gobi looks small

Steve Bodio said...

Gobi is small-- all the females from that litter were, though both parents were tall. That cross is male Hancock lurcher (greyhound X border and bearded collie in one of David's trademark "blends") over female "Semirichenski" tazi-- one of the Asian saluki races.

Percy is male Aussie X track greyhound. He is a big stout dog