Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catching Up

I have received some complaints about light blogging. I have been deep in the New Mexico AR battles, especially the as- yet- in- doubt one against mandatory spay- neuter. (I will post a Dutch Salmon op- ed on that one above). I have also just completed two long articles and a short essay-- a piece for Gray's Sporting Journal on Clovis Man and dogs, one on Mongolia's roads for a new four- wheeler journal edited by the Alpha Enviro, and an essay for a forthcoming book on "Dream Hunts" for James Swan.

So I haven't been completely lazy!* Though I must warn regular readers: as warm weather comes I feel an overwhelming urge to get OUT OF THIS CHAIR.

Meanwhile, around the web:

Here is a very funny and true piece on writing workshops.

Peculiar and Mrs. P. visited and took some good pics. If you click on the one with the goldfish tank you will see in the backgound one of the better shots of the landscape we hunt in-- the often mentioned 100 plus square miles of "Lee's ranch".

I spoke of "delicious Martinis" below but Roseann may have an even better one-- sorry, Bruce!

More to come on dogs, guns, pigeons, and other good stuff.

* And Reid is busy moving.

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Peculiar said...

Complaints about light blogging: suppose you should refund some subscriptions?

That said, posts are always a treat!