Monday, April 02, 2007

Catching Up

Like Matt, I should soon have good news (though mine should continue to let me blog freely). I have been dealing with that and also Libby's taking over the local Post Office so it has been a bit hectic here. Let me do a quick blogging news roundup and post some pics-- with more to come shortly I hope.

Real Perigord truffles are being grown in Tennessee!

Do guns equal civilization?

Maybe it is time to start feeding one's carnivorous pets the Bones And Raw Food diet. (HT's to Mary and Paul D.).

Dogs may have originated in a biological instant. HT Chas.

Blogger Bioblitz! If you are a blogger you can contribute to the project by doing a survey of a plot near your home. Go here for details. Thanks to Carel of Rigor Vitae for the tip.

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Peter said...

Some people would argue that truffles are like wine grapes - they aren't "authentic" unless grown in their home region.

I've never eaten truffles but I have smelled truffle oil. Its scent is somewhat akin to rotting vegetables, but worse.