Monday, April 02, 2007

Ornate Guns

The Islamic world has always been prone to decorating firearms in an ornate fashion. Most examples I have seen have been Afghan and Arab "Jezail"- type muzzleloaders. Recently frequent reader and commenter "Johnny UK" was in Morocco where he photographed a modern example at the mausoleum of Mohammed V , the founder of modern-day Morocco. It appears to be a Mauser (I think) of some sort. Reader feedback encouraged!

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Anonymous said...

The inlay on that stock is somewhat busy, but I think very well-done and tasteful. It reminds me of an episode during my last aerospace job when we were doing "aircraft completions." That is a term of art for custom interiors for private aircraft - we built interiors for Boeing 737s (Boeing Business Jets) and Bombardier Global Expresses. I was visiting one of our cabinet manufacturers in San Antonio, when I saw furniture for the B737 being built for the Morrocan royal family. It had inlay similar in style to this, intricate, but not overstated and pleasing to the eye. Like Berber weavings?

This was in great contrast to the interiors I used to see (never had to work on one!) that were done for Arab customers that tended to be ostentatious, usually heavily metallic plated, and that appeared gaudy to western eyes. I also remember at the same supplier seeing the furniture for a B777 (imagine the size!) destined for someone in the Saudi royal family that was all the most amazing bright metal-flake purple you have ever seen.

Reid Farmer