Friday, May 18, 2007

Henry Chappell's Home Range

Just found out my old friend Henry Chappell, who writes good novels and wrote one of the best bird hunting books I know, has started a blog, Home Range , on matters environmental and (I hope soon) sporting. I would bet that he would fit somewhere within the "Crunchy Con" philosophical group. Here he is on Bill McKibben's new book:

"If "wacko" means looking at scientific evidence and concluding that the "non-negotiable American way of life" is unsustainable, then McKibben is guilty as charged. We need more wackos.

"Actually, McKibben is a devout Christian, Sunday school teacher, and family man who eats meat, appears tolerant of responsible hunters, and approves of selective, sustainable logging by local operators. He acknowledges the positive power of free enterprise and the failure of large-scale collectivism. (Right-wing wacko!) Certainly, many of his convictions seem deeply conservative in the traditional (as opposed to neoconservative) sense. Yet, taken as a whole, his sensibilities are unmistakeably progressive. His concerns always seem more practical than ideological."

I expect we'll be hearing a lot more from Henry. On to the blogroll with him!


Anonymous said...

"wrote one of the best bird hunting books I know"


W Hingley

Anonymous said...

There are incredible enlargeable pics on the russell graves blog he linked. Some of the best I have ever seen.

High speed recommended.

W Hingley

Anonymous said...

blogroll added!

Henry Chappell said...

Thanks for your kind welcome, Steve. Your blog has been an essential part of my day since I discovered it several months ago. In fact, your blog made me want to blog.

Keep up the great work, and best of luck with your new book project. Keep us posted.