Saturday, May 19, 2007

Utter Coincidence

Reid's recommendation of the new bio of Denys Finch Hatton got me thinking about some very strange similarities between some photos.

Here is the photo of Betsy Huntington that the Russ Chatham painting on the cover of Querencia- the- book is based on:

Here is a photo of Karen Blixen that I didn't see until after Betsy's death:

Here is another, by Jim Bones, of Betsy with me and Riley the staghound (sorry for quality-- it is from a 1985 newspaper article):

And another of Blixen, from Longing For Darkness:

Woo- woo enough for you? Here is another cosmic connection: Erroll Trzebinski, author of THIS bio of Finch Hatton, is the daughter of the author of the first review of my first book, Rage For Falcons.


Matt Mullenix said...

Any question whom you might have dated had you been a hunting guide in Blixen's time? :-)

Mary said...

For fifty years I've simply known that Montana equals Kenya and that many of the people are not just similar, but are actually the same people. Peter Matthiessen, for instance. Though the Finch Hattons sound a bit too much like the Berrybenders, I've always hoped that eventually I could write like Karen Blixen. And the echo in the photos was clear even before you pointed it out.

They say that Redford was totally miscast as Dennis -- some even complain about Meryl Streep as Blixen -- but the real star of the film is Africa anyway.

For a while I was on an extended Kenya research toot and still have a long shelf of books left. Can't bear to part with them. Wish I could make this house look more like Karen's.

Prairie Mary

Annie D said...

Steve, I've told you before, you don't need to be hypnotized to discover and relive your past and/or future lives; you've managed in this life to collapse Time and be living all of them together.

Mary said...

Peter Beard is another character in this drama, which is not quite over yet. I mentioned Peter Beard to Peter Matthiessen and got quite a flare-up! Have you ever met Peter B? It was the stories of him living in tents where wild pigs charged through now and then that first drew me in. Then I got intrigued by his "scrapbooks" which are big lumpy collages of all sorts of stuff. I'd love to really see them.

"The Flame Trees of Thika" and related books also count.

I took a look at "Longing for Darkness" and was shocked at the price! One trouble with Print On Demand is that there won't be the scarcity element to push up value on our books.

Living in Valier means no Irish wolfhound after all. But maybe a Westie if I can ever afford a fence.

Prairie Mary

Deb said...

The pictures forced my breath to catch and my heart to beat faster...after your book, I felt I had known her.