Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Southern Illinois Salukis

Steve posted last month about his delight at discovering that the mascot of the Southern Illinois University athletic teams is the Saluki. We've since found more SIU Saluki stuff like this picture of a guy in a saluki suit who prowls the sidelines at their football games. Apparently local saluki owners take turns bringing their dogs to the games as well.

We also found this image of the SIU football helmets with their Saluki logo. (Image courtesy of The Helmet Project).

Finally, I had completely forgotten that our friend Jeremy had gotten his degree from SIU and is a fervent Saluki supporter. Here's a picture of his five year-old son Ian, proudly wearing his Saluki logo hat.


Lapa said...


He has, also, translated into Portuguese the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

He has been awarded several prizes.

Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon.

Thank you for spending time in Universal Culture.

Thanks for visiting.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Re. Lapa's comment: See what happens when you post furry porn. You attract weirdos.