Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Ranch

We often speak of "The Ranch"-- Lee Henderson's acreage of miles of high desert grassland, canyon, and foothill, located on La Jencia Plain under the Magdalenas and not touching pavement on any side. It is an idael place to run dogs and fly falcons. I thought you might like to see a few pix.

Here is his house.

Me, walking with the pack.

Larissa, the brat:

And Lee himself, showing a print Vadim Gorbatov signed to him, of quail through the windshield of our car, on the ranch.


Henry Chappell said...

Good lord, I'm envious. Here in Texas, hunting season access to acreage like that would cost more than I'll make in the next five years.

Steve Bodio said...

Lee sells a couple of big- game permits-- literally-- one antelope and one trophy mule deer. The rest of the hundred - plus square miles is ours, free.

Anonymous said...

The "grey dawg" as "she" is affectiontly called is my brother in-laws niece. Great kid. Check out this link. www.salukitalk.com its the website for all things SIU. Our mens BBall plays Duke tonight at Madison Square Garden 8pm est. -Adam