Friday, May 23, 2008

Preview Pix

Baby Gyr- Saker tiercel just in from New York, having his first meal at Casa Querencia.

Stephen Grant of London Best quality hammer side- lever 12- bore, circa 1880, virtually new and unrestored. It weighs a bit over 7 lbs and is probably a pigeon gun. To quote expert Robert Braden: "After all, it is reliably reputed that God shoots a Grant sidelever hammer gun with thirty- inch Damascus barrels made around 1890." (Not a Purdey, you note!)

I MADE money on this-- traded one off I didn't want.

More coming...


mdmnm said...


2 1/2 chambers on the Grant?

Steve Bodio said...

2 3/4"-- which MAY be original as it is heavy (7 lbs 4 oz) and is probably a pigeon gun-- thick barrel walls (NO pitting), wide frame. Still balances very nicely despite weight!

When I get 50 bucks I can find out the original details from Atkin Grant and Lang-- who will still make you one just like it minus the Damascus.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Congratulations and good health to the new bird

John said...

Post some pictures of the Grant. I curious about God's good taste.

mdmnm said...

Sweet! No worries on having to buy pricey shells.

Mike Spies said...


Congratulations on the new bird and the Grant.

Grant sidelevers are truly elegant, and the hammer guns are probably the finest of Grants - in the same class as an island lock Purdey - only a lot prettier. AFAIK, 2-3/4" chambers on an early Brit gun indicate a fowler or a pigeon gun - full stop. This gun was not built for fowling, I am sure.

The only gun that equals a Grant sidelever in elegance is a Dickson round action. I have no plans to sell or trade mine!

Andrew Campbell said...

Steve: a beautiful new bird and a beautiful new gun! the Grants are lovely lovely guns, indeed. and frankly, why pay for a new one when the old ones can still be found in good condition.

I'd agree with Mike on this being a pigeon gun. what's the barrel length, BTW?