Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Latest AR threat

HB 669 is one of the worst proposed laws yet against the ownership of animals, and would totally outlaw the breeding and transfer of ANY species deemed"exotic". Ostensibly authored by representatives from Guam, whee they have a real problem with brown tree snakes, it would shut down the pet industry and much of falconry (NAFA is opposing it, though in my opinion in a rather lukewarm way). No parrots or finches or budgies; no non- native snakes (many natives are protected) ; no ZOO animals (though there is a proposed exemption for educational purposes). No aquariums; neither goldfish or "tropicals" are native. No frickin' HAMSTERS! Needless to say all good ARISTAS are for it-- anything to further restrict animal ownership.

Want to bet that if it passes HSUS or their like will sue over (theoretically exempt) domestic animals? None were in North America before Columbus except for the dog!

Patrick is on the case and has a link to a good video.

This could go under both AR and the attempt to extend the tentacles of the Octopus State everywhere.

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Brenda L. said...

I heard about this ridiculous bill about a week ago. Of course, they're trying to pass it under the guise of 'restricting harmful foreign species', but in actuality, it would restrict ALL non-native species, including pets!

It's ridiculous to expect every 'exotic' pet owner in this country to obey this if it becomes a law. I think the reaction would be explosive. Can you imagine all the angry fathers when suddenly there are all these restrictions about their daughters' beloved hamsters? Or budgies?