Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm back

..this time i hope for a while. Puppies (there will be pix) were the dominant reason but there was also a terrible inertia and depression and "what will I do next?", added to by insomnia (the return of the dreaded kingbirds to the tree outside the window). I need to rewrite 14000 words on the dog book for an agent who may not like it anyway, need to make bird decisions...

But maybe it was more physical. I have been having a run through various blood pressure meds and have finally found a combi that seems to make me neither comatose or coughing continually. And it is spring, finally.

So I'll follow with some links good and bad you might have missed, dog pix, more and worse. Sorry if this was "too much information" but I feel I owe regulars an apology. And thanks to Matt, Reid, and Cat for keeping the site alive.

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Cat Urbigkit said...

Great to have you back Steve.