Saturday, May 02, 2009

Progress of the revolution

The past month of revolutionary action hath wrought food and rumors of food. Although still another month from the possibility of daily produce--and further from a tradable surplus--we are grazing now on lettuce and berries and basil. Behold, the vast acres:


Henry Chappell said...

Lookin' good, Matt. What's growing under the lattice?

Cat Urbigkit said...

The lettuce looks yummy. So is that a fake snake on the berries, and does it work?

Matt Mullenix said...

Henry those are pole beans on the lattice and bush beans in front.

Cat, the wren who hunt bugs beneath the snake doesn't seem much intimidated. But it has startled more than one house guest so far.

The lettuce is great, my first experiment with it. I think it's a keeper.

Henry Chappell said...

Pole beans, eh? In that case, I suppose I'll have to send along a photo of mine - after they get a little bigger. I was late getting them out, and they're still looking a little puny.

Doug said...

Lovin' the acreage Matt, my boy has some just like it. keep us updated on your bounty.