Saturday, October 10, 2009

Old friends

We shipped lambs this week, and I was pleased to see that two of the Aziat (Central Asian Ovcharka) pups I raised were with the lamb herd. Our bearded collie, Abe, had sat in the truck all morning as we loaded lambs, staying out of the way of unfamiliar dogs, people and big trucks. As we finished up, I let him out, and he was immediately greeted by the big girls he had help raise. Although they outweigh him three to one, they still let him be the "big dog." I love this puppy-like submissive behavior offered by the girls in these photos, and Abe's "I am such a stud dog" posture.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the girls - Abe is a very handsome fella, and you know how it is ... "once a friend, always a friend." Ain't dogs grand?

Gregg Barrow said...

I’ve been gone to long.
Cat, I love the Abe posts!
I liken him to Dan O'Brien’s “Ernie’ (the true protagonist of his non-fiction books)

Abe needs his own fan club (as does Ernie)