Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dinner Guests

Late Sunday afternoon this fellow dropped by the house for a visit. I was on the deck and had to shoot through the trees, so you can see some of the limbs in the picture.

He brought his lady friends with him. We got 22 inches of snow earlier in the week, and I'm sure the remaining green grass in our patch of lawn must have looked pretty appetizing.

The kids got to tag along, too. These two fawns spent about 10 minutes staring at us while we were up on the deck. We must have looked so strange to them.


mdmnm said...

Big, blocky mule deer like that are really beautiful. Big buck, too- looks like an old guy. Nice view from the porch!

Retrieverman said...

Because I'm one of those darned Easterners, I'm so unaccustomed to seeing mule deer. They look really strange to my eyes, like a white-tail that just isn't right.

Of course, I'm sure that people who live where there are no white-tails and plenty of mule deer think the same way about those eastern deer.