Monday, November 02, 2009

Lift: A Memoir

The respect of your peers is great. Writers crave that. Praise from a mentor is even better. But nothing beats a star in a national review.

Congratulations to our friend Rebecca O'Connor for the following starred review in Publisher's Weekly---and of course for penning the memoir that earned it.

From PW:

Lift: A Memoir Rebecca K. O’Connor. Red Hen, $18.95 (208p) ISBN 1597094603

Novelist and nature reference author O’Connor (Falcon’s Return) crafts a lyrical tribute to the spiritual connection between humans and birds in this memoir of the excruciating, transformative process of training a peregrine falcon: “Falconry is a religion, a way of thinking, a means of experiencing life.” Indeed, readers will find almost as much spiritual content as natural. Despite O’Connor’s icy-clear voice, her descriptions of training a young male falcon are fascinating for bird lovers and civilians alike: “when the falcon connects a high-speed dive… the duck remains a piece of the sky and only its body careens to earth.” Surprisingly, periodic flashbacks to a troubled childhood—an abusive stepfather, an absentee mother—bolster her story rather than distract, turning a falcon’s “serious and unmerciful” eye back on her own life, and discovering inexplicable wells of generosity and forgiveness for the family who wronged her. O’Connor packs a lot of intelligence, poise and feeling into a few pages, making this a consistently rewarding read. (Nov.)

Find out for yourself and buy Rebecca's book here!


Isaac said...

Another one on my Christmas list...

NorCal Cazadora said...

Excellent! Can't wait to start reading this book - it's in the queue.