Monday, November 23, 2009

For Central Asia fanatics only

From Sir Terence Clark: a photo of Chini Bagh, the old British consulate in Kashgar, home at one time to Eric and Diana Shipton (who both wrote excellent books set there) and George Macartney, way station to Paul Nazaroff as he fled the Bolsheviks, famed in story and still standing, a monument to climbers and diplomats, spies and fugitives...

Terence tells me it is a museum now. I am vaguely surprised that the Chinese are that kind to such an imperial remnant.

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The Traveler said...

Thank you for this photo! We had dinner at Chini Bagh a couple of weeks ago. It is now a Chinese restaurant - good food, but the place is pretty shabby. Wandering around with my camera, though, I found the delicate floral decor on the walls and other traces of former glory. Our little group burst forth onto the terrace to admire the view and to muse on what had gone before.... 9/19/14