Monday, February 08, 2010


Rebecca has "the best job ever" in part because she works in the perfect office.

Holly reviews Rebecca.

Karen Myers has a splendid portfolio of their Uhlan, one of our tazi relatives, romping with their basset bleu de Gascogne in the Virginia snow.

She also sent a link to this story on the subway- riding feral dogs of Moscow.

Her husband David Zincavagesent a link to this Telegraph story about the possible "re- creation" of the Aurochs. The Germans tried years ago but couldn't get the size; maybe we will have better luck this time.

Annie D sends an octopus building a house.

Walter Hingley sends a link to an article indicating that the picture of the Pleistocene extinctions in North America grows more complicated, not simpler. Humans? Meteors? What and when?

Write what you love.

The- Place- That- Used- To- Be- England suggests "food security" is best ensured by abandoning local agriculture and buying all your food from overseas.

Poacher couture-- or as Jonathan Hanson puts it, "Ralph Lauren meets Brian Plummer. !!

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Chas S. Clifton said...

Re. the last item: is this the same Leder who invented the short leather pants?