Monday, February 08, 2010

Resume blogging..

Been a long winter and everything-- Irb's accident, heavy snow and darkness (good for the land but not for the "SAD" mood): possible new project work; NO movement on other projects; even arthritis: all have contributed to a lack of things to say and desire to blog.

But lengthening days, recovering dogs, conditioning hawks (Using OPC to get BB to accept the hood)-- MOVEMENT is starting to wake up my mind. So-- slowly-- blogging resumes.

Thanks to Cat for minding the store and much more, and Sy Montgomery for among myriad things for reading my archives and saying the whole project remains worthwhile.

I will follow with saved- up links (some rather old), discovered blogs, a pic of Irb, and still another Mauser. Be patient, and thanks.

1 comment:

Nagrom said...

Steve, glad to "see" you 'round these parts again, been missing your posts.
Understand the winter slow down though - I've been dragging on blogging and projects as well.
Glad things are picking up.