Saturday, February 06, 2010

A puppy challenge

I'm done posting images of the captive wildlife I photographed during my tour of captive facilities a few years ago, and I'm back to posting some of the shots from the ranch. This is one of my favorites - we (Jim and I) had to use a broom to safely escort this beautiful porcupine away from the guardian dogs and back into the river bottom. Every litter of pups we raise encounters a porcupine when they are three or four months old, and we end up pulling quills. Once I had a National Public Radio reporter with me on the lambing ground when we came into camp with puppies in various states of hysteria with quills. The reporter was patient as I flopped down on the ground and began pulling quills. His resulting story was excellent.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting a critter as a porcupine is, one thing I'm glad about not living out-West/up-North is not having to deal with THAT! I always have the types of canine, it seems, that would be sure to get faces full of quills repeatedly! I do have to deal with skunks now and again, but having a complete lack of sense of smell, that problem is not so traumatic for me, as it is for those around me! But I'll take stink-to-stick anyday, for me and my dogs!....L.B.