Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Johnny UK

Meet ("officially") Johnny UK and his wonder dog Petra. John Hill is one of our most frequent commenters, an old friend (we met through Darne shotguns), an East Anglian, an honorary Magdalenian and frequent patron of the Golden Spur bar here. He plays blues saxophone and loves good shotguns, wine and French food. Here he is with Petra and his retirement toy (I am glad I don't pay his "petrol" bill, especially in England).

And here is Petra posing like a model in a gun punt at the Game Fair (you know punt guns are legal in the UK?) I have asked John the bore-- I believe they may go all the way up to ONE, on the same scale as 12 and 20 gauges!

John checked in before we could get the pix up, with further info:

"The UK law limits punt guns to a bore diameter of 1.75 inches - so I presume
that this gun complies!! There are now less than 50 punt guns in use in UK,
and the estuaries that you can use one are restricted."


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Bentleys are more for sitting in than driving, after all when you've got one, you've already arrived.

Anonymous said...


- We bought ours for our daughter's wedding 2 yrs ago, and somehow could not part with it! It's very much a "high days and holidays " vehicle, and we do about 1500 miles a year on mostly local "days out "trips.
It is amazing how other drivers defer to a Bentley ( even a 1984 one) when you are out on the road -just the best ride.
It spend winters in our barn, under a cover.
Once a Bently owner......