Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pursuit Hawking

Terence Wright was kind enough to send two splendid photos of the kind of hawking that I can probably no longer do-- coursing with dog and pursuit falcon, sometimes over miles. I'll still try with others this fall, but suspect I just can't keep up. It was a good run!

The dog, lurcher Percy, has also retired; Gyr- Prairie Cog and the fantastic little Gyr Peregrine tiercel Zhel (first and my photo of Terence and his team, last-- can you believe anything that small has killed HUNDREDS of jacks?) are still hunting.


Chas S. Clifton said...

Great photo, the last. He looks ready to sack and pillage.

WV: croodge. The rabbit ran into the croodge, and the dog could not find it.

Teddy said...

Living in the east, I decided, back in the early '80's, to try a sighthound/hawk combination on cottontail rabbits. The tiercel Harris flew well over the dachshunds and the coursing whippet. The little dogs would rout the rabbit, then both Harris and whippet would go in pursuit. The whippet deferred to the Harris but the Harris claimed the rabbit from the whippet, who was good tempered enough to let it happen. We had great sport. The whippet was often cut up due to her thin skin but she would try mightily for any game. Terrence is living the life some of us only dream about.