Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mongol Tazis?

I never saw a tazi in Mongolia but there is evidence they exist, as in this folk painting. It is a common genre but this is the only one I ever saw that had tazis, never mind a Kazakh eagler.

Andrew brought me back this wonderful little study in another modern style-- I have a horse and falcon done in a similar way, though not as nice.

Then there is the pop image of Mongols, this time from the eXile where it headed an old War Nerd column. I think he is supposed to be Jingiz-- looks a bit like the John Wayne version(Google if you think I am kidding). Love the kilt...

Real dogs? Michelle Morgan snapped this probable cross-- tazi or taigan X flock protector I suspect.

But the nearest to the black dog of the first painting are foothill intergrades between the mountain taigans and the steppe tazis in Kyrgizstan (photos by Andrey Kovalenko).


Anonymous said...

You must know that I've fallen in love with the little black dogs in the "Mongol Tazi" print ... along with the eagle and the yurt ... I know those little black dogs you know.

Black Dog Lady

Teddy said...

In the line drawing of the falconer horseback with the coursing dog above & behind him, would there be any possibility it is a sarcastic comment on that class of person? The horse looks fat and angry, the falconer is definitely paunchy and the dog is chunky in the front end. Political commentary poking fun at certain levels of (overfed) society?

Steve Bodio said...

Teddy, I honestly don't know, but there is a whole genre of these "chubby" paintings today-- I have another by another artist with cheerful fat hunter and horse, lean hawk. Any contemporary Asian art scholars out there?