Sunday, October 02, 2011

Long Awaited?

Well, yeah. Here is Niki last week at a St John's reunion dance with Larissa.

I can't believe she could still walk never mind dance, but this IS a woman who climbed Mt Taylor's 11,000 plus feet while visibly pregnant!


Larissa said...

We raised the roof that night. The boogy doesn't wait for no baby!

CZLion said...

Congratulations on the first grandchild and hope you have many more.... it doesn't look like we're going to have any so we enjoy doing things for young folks that have have children.

I was reading the Pinedale news last night to see what happened to the woman that disappeared. She was parked and passed away in the exact same spot where I camped when I was in WY antelope hunting a few years ago. My bud couldn't set up his camp there this year due to the search, That certainly was a sad ending.

I was pleased to find Cat's site and reporting on wolves and will start following her there.

Again, congrats on the grandchild.