Saturday, October 22, 2011

A very strange word list

This may only interest writers and other word- mad wretches..

But I recently unearthed a 1940 postcard of the Tokyo Olympiad (?) written on but never sent by Virginia Huntington, Betsy's mother and the bishop's wife.We NEVER made any sense of it- creative interpretations encouraged. (She was also a rather awful, but published, poet, if that helps).

It says, vertically like this, only:











The last is emphasized because it is just a bit out of place...?

First time I met her she held my face close to her thick glasses and asked "How many brothers and sisters do you have?" When I replied "eight, all younger", she grinned wickedly and said, "Ahhh-- Roman Catholic I see...'

I have many more tales. I should add that while she was a "bells and smells" Anglican in the end, she was born a Mennonite, joined the Church of England, became a nun, went to China, and married her bishop...


BorderWars said...

The Tokyo Olympiad never happened, so that card is probably a collector's item. Japan had the games stripped due to the Sino-Soviet war which started in 1937; the games never did happen due to WWII.

BorderWars said...

My theory on some of the words on the word list are hard to rhyme words. This obviously doesn't cover them all, but given the poet status and that some of the words appear to be pseudo-rhyming pairs, that'd be my first guess.

Steve Bodio said...

Thanks, Chris-- I hadn't heard of it, hence the question mark.

I have some weird Huntingtoniana which I should scan, including a gathering of Anglican bishops in 1920's China-- 5 or 6-- including a Japanese one and a "Bishop Singh" in Indian dress..

Steve Bodio said...

That would be one strange poem...

Annie D said...

Those are all words that I (nowadays) spellcheck. Every time.

Hammer87 said...

This is a list of frequently misspelled words. Almost everyone doubles consonants on most of these when they should not.