Sunday, March 18, 2012

Figured Maple

Everyone (who reads this blog anyway) is familiar with figured walnut. But figured maple has even prettier patterns if not warm color, and only needs staining. It was used in Pennsylvania- Kentucky rifles and at least one early Purdey. A friend back east is currently stocking a Ruger #1 with an astonishing piece:


Noel said...

That would normally be called "spalted maple", and it's usually far too punky to make a stock - the PA/KY rifle maple is quilted/striped/etc., the natural figure of the wood. Spalted IS beautiful, though. I see it a lot in knife handles, stabilized with acrylic resin.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Gorgeous.

Nagrom said...

A beautiful piece of wood. Maple is one of my favorites, particularly "Spalted". It does see a lot of use in knife handles, I think I even have a couple small pieces squirreled away in my scale-materials drawer in the shop.
As a note for the DIY'ers and craftsmen, one need use some caution when working Spalted woods, as breathing in spores of the fungi causing the spalting is likely not a good idea. Using an N95-particulate face mask or a respirator is a good practice with spalted woods (as is a respirator already with many exotic woods).