Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cherkassov from Vladimir

Vladimir Beregovoy now has copies of his translation (with a slight assist from me) of Cherkassov's East Siberian Hunter to inscribe. I am not sure of the price--25?-- but postage (for a BIG book) is only $5. Jim Cornelius at Frontier Partisans, Dan On the Rock, and Constant Commenter (and wild canid maven) Lane Batot are fans--check it out!

(Jim adds: "And yes, that’s a Vadim Gorbatov painting on the cover. Huzzah!")

Vladimir Beregovoy
1507 Mountain Valley Road
Buchanan, Virginia 24066
Former vol 2 cover, now back:
Original illos:

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A. Lane Batot said...

Oh yeah, a MUST for my library, the many bookshelves already groaning in agony! So I'll need to get the specifics--just contact Vladimir, perhaps?...And Steve, I had to look up that thar wird "Maven"--ah hain't nivver in-kount-rrd that'un afore! Must be wanna thim "R-teest" wirdz! And ain't know-body ever kawlt me that neither! At leest not to mah face.....But thanks! You falcon/sighthound/writing maven you!....And I followed the trail(link) to the other feller's website too--cool website! I even already plagued him with a response(HAD to, just HAD to) regarding awtha "Forrest" Carter--a controversial subject I feel strongly about! Maybe a future post subject here? As to whether you decide whether to read/like a book judged on the author's character? Or just by the book's merits? Yeah, a pregnant-with-triplets subject for this blog!