Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fire Season

It's been all over the news, so I'm sure you know we have a bunch of wild fires all over the state of Colorado. The latest and most destructive is the Waldo Canyon Fire down near Colorado Springs. That's about 50 miles away from us, and I took this picture of the smoke plume from our deck. You can see Pike's Peak on the other side of the smoke.

And as ever, Chas is doing his part to help with the fire-fighting effort.

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Anonymous said...

we were fortunate in arizona with the "poco" fire, just below the mogollon rim. the interagency team got set up in the community right away and aggresively started fighting the fire. we had a chance to tour the camp and see all the interagency specialists working together. meteorologists, gis, supply, mess hall, etc. reminded me of the field artillery tour in vietnam. at the "drop of a hat" we would be off to some remote firebase and set up a camp of specialits to fight a different blaze. all appreciation to the firefighters, putting in 12-16 hour days. tom in pleasant valley, arizona