Sunday, December 30, 2012

Belated Xmas Pix

Chez Peculiar (Christmas eve) and as always chez Lassez at Muleshoe Ranch, where Jean- Louis showed us his numbered Mondrian (don't ask!)

Yeah, inside stuff, but you would love the conversation at either house-- adventurers, photographers, naturalists and nurses and small town councilpersons, Buddhists and Orthodox and skeptics and a Mormon, a retired medical guy who "went to school in New Haven" and Magdalena (and Santa Fe) natives and newcomers, French semi- ranchers and New England rednecks... my family & friends.

Catherine Lassez and Libby, whom I might happily call the best cooks in Socorro county...
Though after eating her desserts-- and I have NO sweet tooth-- I think relative newcomer Carolyn Wilson may just be a contender (with John, retired from running an Audubon refuge in Ohio and the new botany and butterfly guy, and Sarah Lassez, home from LA for the holidays)
John finds some common ground politically (?-- surprising both?) with Vincent DiMarco
Dolly Dawson, town councilwoman, Mag native, & former Old- Timer's Queen, cheeriest person I know:
Jean- Louis showing us a numbered "Mondrian" which he will now combine with fractals- I STILL don't quite get it (the apocalyptic Hokusai pastiche behind the dinner table above is more my speed):
And Mr Eli and his new moose in Santa Fe. To all a good night!

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