Sunday, April 28, 2013


Tom Russell's song from "Blood and Candle Smoke", sung by Gretchen Peters, and Guadalupe herself, painted by Tom. You can see his paintings, including I believe the original of this print, at Rainbow Man gallery in Santa Fe. He began last week's show with this haunting song.

We do have an oddly eclectic "collection"-- she is flanked by Gorbatov's painting of quail on Lee Henderson's ranch, just east of town, and Jonathan Kingdon's aardwolf, with photos of Eli and Betsy and a bronze of a harrier by Loffler below-- not to mention our metal dachshund.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my kind of decor. Unlike my house, though, it looks like someone actually dusts(or should the term be dedusts?) at your abode.....L.B.

Anonymous said...

Heeeeyyyyyy...I never noticed that before--just switch the "b" and "d" in "abode", and it becomes "adobe"! Yes, all things are connected....L.B.