Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Changes

They made daughter in law Niki an offer they couldn't refuse (nor would I have), and she and Jackson and Eli are off to work and live at what may be the most unique college in the US: Deep Springs. Photos by Jackson, zooming in:

I will encourage Jack to write something about the place. The location is as unique as the school; hours from any city, just west of the California- Nevada line, in a closed desert basin below the Sierras, on a working ranch. They actually have an endemic toad.


Reid Farmer said...

Best of luck to the Peculiar family. Beautiful country, but sorry it is so far away.

Rachel Dickinson said...

No, way! I know Deep Springs College well. My grandfather and two great-uncles went there in the teens and 20s. I was Administrative Director of Telluride Association, which was founded by the same person as Deep Springs, and attended Deep Springs board meetings for about five years. I love that place (as will your daughter-in-law and family).

Steve Bodio said...

I believe it! The connections between St John's and Deep Springs run deep too.

Jack considered Deep Springs many years ago, with our approval. I wish I had known it existed when I was young.

If you have lost my email it is "ebodio at gilanet dot com". I will copy to Tim for forwarding.

Anonymous said...

I'd say all parties involved are getting a huge win-win. Match made in heaven. Best wishes on the new adventure! J Ball