Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Gerry has a Blog! (& other Internet News)

Gerry Cox, a founding member of our small group of writing- hunting- eating- gun nut- lit- crit sporting gents, (another is The Old Gunkie), has been hounded by us into starting his own blog. It will be good. He is the only talented amateur gunsmith I know who has published in English Literary Renaissance, and will have a book on hunting big game and ethics coming soon-- not a dry academic tract either.
Here he is shooting with his Ruger 28.
Gerry is also the one who thought up my last book's good subtitle when I was going nuts trying to make people see that was not about a hundred BEST books.

Other blog news: please check in, write to, and amuse Jameson Parker, who is still (I think) bedridden after one of the worst horse wrecks I have known. He is being relentlessly cheerful, but I am once again reminded of the quote (or paraphrase) from McGuane re falling off horses: after 50 the ground gets harder and harder until it opens to swallow you up one final time.

Henry Chappell has cranked up a new version of his Home Range. I think he has a novel coming soon too, and an interesting blogroll.

Exceptionally good piece (but what isn't?) at Chad's Mallard  of Discontent on the urban chicken and other foodie crazes. Read all remarks too.
A very different blog: Mark Witton's , on Pterosaurs and such, a good blog about the representation of animals in the past-- more on that soon.

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