Sunday, July 21, 2013

Some more talented friends

Lest anyone be confused about who is who (see comments not too far below), two southwestern greats, artists, horse folks, friends: photographer Jay Dusard, printmaker and pastel artist Nance McManus,
A couple of favorites by Nance: "Prophet", and a Dinosaurian heron

And two by Jay. The first is of rancher- houndman- conservationist Warner Glenn, who first tracked a modern US jaguar, and his daughter Kelly; the second of a Texas bullfight class, many years ago. Right click & make 'em bigger.


Randy Davis said...

The bull farm if its the same as I recall, was owned by a fellow from Mexico with an Irish name, Juan O'Bolger or something along those lines and was somewhere west of Sonora, Texas in 1988, think it was in Iraan, Texas. Heard about it from Dusard way back then. Thanks for the photo, always wondered about the farm.

Randy Davis said...

A little more about the photo taken on Smoky Mountain Ranch, near Iraan, Texas owned then by a doctor from the d.f. Four of the five in the picture are matadors, the man lying in the grass in the foreground being Diego O'Bolger, born in Buffalo New York as James O'Bolger I think, now residing in Tucson, and occasionally active in the bullring in Nogales. The distinguished older gentleman further back is an assistant. The two matadors seated on the right side of the photo are both dead, the one in the center dying in his 40s from injuries connected with the ring. The matador on the left dying and leaving a son famous as an actor in the telenovelas. The matador on the far right is still alive, retired, owns two restaurants in Mexico, occasionally interviewed regarding matters taurine. Great photo by Jay Dusard, full of style and panache -

Steve Bodio said...

I knew of O'Bolger and I think Tom Russell knows some of these guys (and of course Jay knows all), but Randy always amazes me.

On the other other hand, Bodio's Law (one of them) is that Everybody Knows Everybody if you ask enough questions-- 6 degrees is for pikers.