Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lahav RIP

Daniela Imre's Lahav, one of the greatest dogs I have ever known, is dead at 15. He was her constant companion, a coursing champion, a hunter, a defender and guardian. He distrusted most male humans and would threaten them for their presumption if they got near Daniela. She called him the Munchkin: I, "The Muncher of Kin." He was huge for a saluki and he delivered a credible threat if he wanted to, though he was the most lovable of dogs to friends

He was sometimes a clown. I was one of the exceptions to his  dislike of males, as was John Burchard (probably less any personal virtues, and more like our smelling of saluki and talking their language), and when they lived here I would often walk up the dirt road to Daniela's house. He would hear me from hundreds of yards away, and start yodeling the distinctive Salukoid greeting-- I guess he knew the sound of my steps. I knew my role was to howl back until I reached his fence. What the neighbors thought is not recorded.

In his old age he was sire to other splendid dogs, like (with our Lashyn) Daniela's Shunkar and John's Jengiz. I am sure that if more exist Daniela will let us know. Meanwhile our condolences to her. Here is a small portfolio, including Herb Wells' famous  shot of him diving in front of (good) greyhounds to snatch up a hare.

With his son, Shunkar

Old and still beautiful


Jess said...

I'm sorry to hear that he's gone. 15 is a respectable age.

Peculiar said...

Sorry to hear it, Daniela. Lahav was a very, very fine dog!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, majestic dog. Can't ask anything more from life than to have had an animal like that. Coursing photo is one for the ages.


Daniela said...

Thanks Steve for that beautiful tribute, and thanks also to all of you who commented.
Lahav sired two litters, and he does live on through his offsping. At home I have his son out of Lashin - Shunkar, his grandson, Blaze, by his son Babylon, out of El Baz Leila, and his great-grandson, Abinitio, by Blaze's brother, Wishbone.