Tuesday, August 06, 2013


How agreeable it is to do nothing all day and to rest afterwards.

- French saying quoted in letter from Patrick Leigh Fermor to Deborah Devonshire, 1970.


Anonymous said...

this sounds French all right. sounds like French from world war two, whereby we fought all their wars against the Nazi's and liberated their country! (and little did they appreciate us, sorta like the iraquis/muslims nowadays feel towards us infidels......)

Teddy said...

And here I thought that quote was first said by Pooh in the A.A.Milne books!

Mark Farrell-Churchill said...

Jessica's mom likes to say that the only downside to doing nothing is that you can't stop and take a break. Maybe she's not trying hard enough.

Reid Farmer said...

I heard a similar saying a few years ago:

The bad thing about being retired is you never get a day off.