Sunday, September 29, 2013

Speaking of pretty guns...

Andrew, using my former Grant, has a great day in the field.

"It's taken dumber birds already, but the Grant got its first wild birds today -- and in style, limiting out on sharptail on our first day out.

"It was a rough day with winds gusting well over 20mph.  Despite being on private land that we've run on a bunch of times and should in theory know where the birds are, three dogs didn't find anything in the first 2.5hours -- including Momo and Jozsi who you've met.  I put down Dog #4, the bitch we co-own and a very nice dog in her own right, and we immediately started trailing a covey for over a mile, never getting closer than about 75yds in my guess.  I actually watched them fly off of their own free will (we were downwind, they couldn't hear us) and turned upwind to back towards the truck.  We hit a scattered covey of five -- but being wrong-sided on the wind, the poor dog didn't scent the first two contacts, but being well mannered stopped on the first bird's flush and as I walked in, shot the second bird (twice), and then she finally was able to get a point in on a third and the rest is history."

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Anonymous said...

That warms the heart, a 150 year old gun / tool / work of art doing exactly what it was designed to.

One doesn't really own a gun like that, but rather serves as its caretaker / custodian for a time. Make it fit, make it suit, but leave as much of the original in place as possible. Give it meticulous care, but use it, write your stories on it, and when you can use it no more, send her to a good home.

James Sandoval