Sunday, September 29, 2013

Words Fail

Is this not the most grotesque plutocrat's rifle you have ever seen?

And all for only Five Hundred and Twenty Thousand Euros! Click on all to enlarge, especially the last...

(HT Jonathan Hanson)

Wouldn't you prefer these?
 Or even these?


Anonymous said...


Just... wwww.

Jim Cornelius

Anonymous said...

Even I could ALMOST admit that that-thar white gun is almost purty! But I wouldn't want it(except perhaps to resell!)--that white color shows up WAY too much in the woods!....L.B.

Anonymous said...

UGH! That's hideous.

The funny part of it all is that underneath all of that bling is a mass produced rifle made of aluminum and plastic. Now don't get me wrong, the Blaser is an innovative, and very useful rifle, and for the right price, I'd snag one up for myself, but no amount of gold plating, fancy carving, or spinning 20" rims will cover up what it is underneath.

Now, if you want to drop a serious amount of coin on a German rifle, may I refer you to

At last year's trap regionals, a friend of mine said there were some guns I just had to see, he took me over to this huge RV/Bus, the kind rock bands tour in. The Texan who owned the RV had four Krieghoff K-80's, two singles guns and two doubles guns, all decked out in exhibition walnut, deluxe engraving, and a serious amount of gold inlay, even on the barrel hangers. My friend would have extracted his eye teeth with a pair of pliers to walk away from there with one of those guns. Me, I had to feign admiration, the K-80 is an ugly gun, a great performing one, but ugly all the same. No amount of bling will cover up bad lines. If I had money enough to cover the price of one of those guns, well I'd buy a plain Perazzi, and a mountain of ammo.

James Sandoval

danontherock said...

Sitting here in the early AM drinking moriku browning because it to hot to run dogs. . Never thought I would see temps this high here in Newfoundland in Sept.Dont have to be sharp in the morning. I am a bird hunter primarily but I hunt moose/caribou for meat. .I will never be able to afford the Mannlicher-Schoenauer but plan on a Winchester 94 soon. As for shotguns a Moriku Browning is the best I can do. I do have good dogs though.
That Blaser is unbelievable .


Steve Bodio said...

I paid a lot less for my guns than you might think. Keep watching the Interwebz for good ones if you don't have a great local shop.

Nothing wrong with Jap Brownings either.

And as James (who knows this) says, they are all better looking than a baroque rectangular Kreighoff!