Saturday, November 16, 2013

La Loca

First there were my old friend John Davila, Catron County rancher, world traveler, jack of all trades... in the old days and today.
and his then wife Becky...
They were among the first friends I made in New Mexico. They are in Querencia- the- book in several places, and came up to Albuuquerque to comfort me with a bottle of Jack Daniels the day Betsy died.

Their daughter Ungie (Ungelbah Davila ), the complete New Mexico kid--Spanish, Navajo, Scots Mormon-- is as good looking as her folks, and also a multimedia  talent in art, poetry, photography, and now as editor of her new  Albuquerque- based glossy magazine La Loca, which covers our local tricultural version of the Fifties- revival- rockabilly- punk- western- hotrods- motorcycles- pinup- and whatever else can be thrown in arts and visual culture. If some of it bemuses those of us who lived in the REAL fifties, it is still pure fun and a visual treat, and our version has a real local flavor.

Apparently, the style is more widespread than I thought. I just bought the excellent new album by Alberta's rising star Corb Lund, Cabin Fever. He can sing about cows, oil rigs, and .44 Russian antique revolvers, but when I heard the lyrics below, to "Gothest girl I can",  I knew I had to send them to Ungie.

I’m gonna get the gothest girl I can. With the pale white
Rockabilly tan. You know the kind, the ones you find in the
Country metal punk rock band.

She might be into hot rod cars. Or leather fetish bondage
Bars. She’s dirty, pretty, the hippest in the city. She’s the gothest girl I can.

The gothest girl I can, the gothest girl I can. The gothest girl
I, the gothest girl I can. I’m gonna lose these
country blues With the gothest girl I can.

I’m gonna get the gothest girl I can. Black lips and Bettie
Page bangs Horn rimmed glasses and an ass that’ll pass
For a glimpse at the promised land.

She’s kinda into all things noir. Wants me to get a
Pompadour. Well, maybe baby, but she ain’t no lady She’s the gothest girl I can
I emailed Ungie, half seriously suggesting that she lure Lund down to Albuquerque for a show and an interview. I am gratified to report that she loved the album. Stay tuned! 


danontherock said...

I am a big Corb Lund fan as well.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Thanks! I'd never heard of Corb Lund before, and now I've spent tha last half hour leaking high-pitched giggles at some of his songs like this one, and "stuck truck".

La Loca Magazine said...

Holy cow! I just found this! I'm honored and I love it!!! yay!
- Ungelbah

La Loca Magazine said...

(Not sure if last comment posted)
I just came across this! I love it and I'm honored! <3 I'm so grateful to have you as part of the colorful quilt that has been my life.
Much Love,

Steve Bodio said...

Glad you liked it, Ungie. I saw the newest stuff online just this week and realized I hadn't seen the paper 'zine. I THINK my sub is up to date, as I remember discussing with Libby-- could you check? I am an early supporter ever since your father hand- delivered the first copy, and if I could take a life sub to help keep it alive I would-- well, next time a good check comes in anyway!